MA'AMO – DAS TITTEN-MEMO isn't just the perfect partygame for men, but also a tasty gift idea for any curve connoisseur.
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Do you have the concentration power to prove your memory skills without getting distracted by 48 pretty good reasons?

We might not have reinvented the Memo-Game, but we have brought it to the next level -  the bachelor party, the student night, and lads night.

We appreciate and respect the beauty of women; that is why we donate!

With every sold MA'AMO – DAS TITTEN-MEMO, we donate 1 € to the German Breast Cancer Association.

For more information and further donations, please visit:

Why is it called MA'AMO?
MA'AMO is a word combination of the old english short form 'Madam' and the most resounding word when a card gets flipped for the first time. 'Oh!'

Further more, it is a derivation of the game type „Memo“.

Important: MA'AMO isn't a Tit-'Memory' – because 'Memory' is a brandname of a well-known game publisher. That is why our game wants to make sure no conflict arises.