Titten Memo
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Content: 48 cards (24 pares) Bei Amazon bestellen

Play with 1 to 8 bros.
Shuffle the boobs and lay them out in a grid, face down, then you and your bros take turns flipping funbags.

On each turn, the player will first turn one card, then a second. If the two tits match, the player should shout 'TITTIES' (or another term for them) at the top of their voice - they then get to keep the knockers and the lucky bro gets another turn.

If they do not match, the gazongas are turned back over.

The object is to match more mammaries than your bros - the bro that finds the most wins the game and becomes the Tit-Terminator.

Good Luck!

Optional Play:
Should a lucky bro forget to shout out 'TITTIES' at the top of their voice, another bro better pass them a drink fast, then they won't forget it next time.

Playing MA'AMO – DAS TITTENMEMO with female bros is also a huge pleasure which you should try.